Get to know the Brother ScanNCut DX Vinyl Auto Blade Kit

-Brother Crafts Blogger

Hi! It’s me, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I’ve been cutting vinyl with a Brother ScanNCut since 2013, and I can tell you that the Brother ScanNCut Vinyl Auto Blade Kit is a great buy. It’s perfect if you own a ScanNCut DX machine and like to cut vinyl.
In the Vinyl Auto Blade kit you get:
• Vinyl Auto Blade
• Exclusive Patterns & Vinyl-Related Functions (use the code on the card to access)
• Images of Patterns & Examples of Finished Projects
• Instructions/Warnings

You can use this kit to cut adhesive-backed or heat-transfer vinyl. And yes, it will work with the ScanNCut DX roll feeder.
But what if you’ve never used vinyl before? No problem! 
You can use adhesive-backed vinyl on many different surfaces. You can think of creating with adhesive-backed vinyl like creating a custom sticker.
If you need tips on working with adhesive-backed vinyl, I have several videos to help you out:
Using a Transfer Sheet for Perfectly Placing Vinyl
Creating Registration Marks for Layered Vinyl
• Project: Stamped Notebook with Vinyl Lettering
Cutting Vinyl Using Half Cut
• Project: Cut Tiny Vinyl Nail Decals with your ScanNCut
Layered Vinyl Design

Heat-transfer vinyl is most often used on fabric items.  Once adhered with an iron or heat press, it can even be washed! 
If you need tips on working with heat-transfer vinyl, I have a few videos to help you out:
• Project: Football Onesies Using HTV
Tips for Cutting HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

And now I've got a new video for you!  In this video, you'll learn a bit about how the Vinyl Auto Blade works. Next month I’ll share a video where you'll learn all about how to activate/access the exclusive patterns and vinyl-related functions that come in the kit.

Here's the finished version of the card I made in the video:
Have a great day!