Delicious Thanksgiving Holiday Projects by Satin Ice

Our good friends over at Satin Ice have come up with two wonderfully delicious projects that will certainly be a tasty addition to any holiday table setting. Get all the mouth-watering details below!

What you'll need:

ScanNCut, paper in a variety of colors and weights, glue, double-sided tape sff-tallPumpkin.fcm sff_roundPumpkin.fcm sff-stem.fcm sff_leaves.fcm

3-D Mini Pumpkins

Decorate your dessert table with these cute mini pumpkins! • Select a pumpkin size – tall or round, using the pumpkin fcm files and paper colors that coordinate with your décor, and cut the pumpkin panels. You would use two cuts – one for the pumpkin shape and another (a half cut) for the scoring of the middle (the fold line).

• Fold the panels on the center score lines and glue the back of each panels to each other. The more panels you print and insert, the fuller the pumpkin will be.

• Once the pumpkin is complete, use the Stem fcm to cut out the stem and insert into the top of the pumpkin.

3-Leaf Table Runner

Simple and sweet! These playful leaf shapes in fresh fall colors are an easy accent to your holiday table space.

Using the fcm leaves file, cut the leaves out in a variety of colors.

Cut a strip of wide ribbon that runs the length of your table.

Using double sided tape attach the leaves to the ribbon.

Layer the leaves on top of one another down the ribbon.


Disclaimer: None of the fondant cakes and toppers were created with the ScanNCut (just a steady hand and a creative eye). Thanks.