Make Your Own DIY Lavender Satchel

-Brother Crafts BloggerFinal one

-Brother ScanNCut DX
-Universal Pen HolderFabric pencil
-Sewing machine (optional)

The draw function that the Brother ScanNCut DX offers is an often underrated and underused tool! There are many uses for this cutting machine feature, but one of my favorite uses is as an embroidery pattern creator for hand embroidery. I find hand embroidering to be a relaxing hobby, and a fun way to create beautiful custom embroidered gifts for loved ones. 

One of my favorite things to gift people is homemade lavender satchels. From closets to luggage and everything in between, the gentle scent freshens, lasts for ages, and is pretty to boot! Today I am sharing how I used the Brother ScanNCut DX to create my own lavender satchel pattern that I can now use consistently to make as many of these handmade gifts as I want. mayf4
Tip: Test your fabric pencil or pen (you’ll want something that erases) on your fabric before you draw with the Brother ScanNCut
Tip: Having trouble with your pencil being too thin? Wrap some washi tape or masking tape around it to thicken it up a bit!