When in Doubt, Add More Sparkle!

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What I love about the Rhinestone Kit is not only that I can create my own custom rhinestone designs, but that I can add rhinestones and sparkle to any number of projects! One of my favorite things to create for myself or as a gift is to decorate an apron. This can be as simple or complex as you like, and can use as many or few materials as you would like. There are only a few steps, and it can be so much fun to use my ScanNCut to cut out a lot of shapes in various materials and then assemble a fun design onto an apron.

When it comes to creative play the one thing I don’t like is worrying about my clothes! This is why I always have an arting apron (or three) around to choose from. I like to design my aprons in a way that should they become splattered with paint, glitter, or other mediums it will look natural! I like to “splatter” my embellishments and create looks that encourage the mess that is sure to find its way to my apron when I’m creating.

My favorite materials to use are the Brother glitter iron-on material, fabric cut from designs in my ScanNCut machine, and of course rhinestone designs using the Rhinestone Kit! Combining patterns, details, and shapes is so much fun and makes each creation one of a kind.

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This is an accessory that I’ve definitely gotten addicted to – and I love that never again will I have to purchase a pre-made rhinestone design that isn’t quite right. I can just make my own!

Tip: Load your favorite rhinestone designs (in canvas) onto a USB drive and label it rhinestone designs. That way, when you’re wanting to create in a snap you have a variety of pre-made designs ready to cut.

Tip:  In canvas you can adjust how far apart as well as what size and how you’ll be placing the rhinestones in your design. Take a bit of time to play with these settings and create the design perfect for your sparkling project!

Tip: Have random colors and extra rhinestones but not enough for one design? Mix them up! Create a rainbow of possibilities with a random mix of rhinestones on your next project.

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