How To Make a Spring Floral Denim Jacket

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Let me start off by saying that I made a really fun and colorful floral denim jacket two years ago. You can find it here. I love this jacket and I've been wearing it out every Spring. I love the compliments I receive when wearing it, and of course, I love it even more that I can respond with, “Thanks, I made it!” Isn’t that the best thing about being a DIYer?!

This year I wanted to create another version of that jacket. This time around, I wanted to approach with a bit of texture. Instead of using heat transfer vinyl like I did in my previous jacket, I decided to use fabric. I also thought it’d be fun to add a matching fabric covered button to each cut out to give the design a bit more dimension.

When choosing colors for this jacket, find a color palette that brings you joy. For my design, I went with jewel tone, but you can go with primary colors or even pastel. If you wanted to take a cool, modern approach, black and white would be really nice too. Going monochromatic would give your jacket an unexpected look; go all blue, but different shades of the color. I love that you can be playful with the design and control what the outcome is.


  1. Take your cotton fabric quarters to the ironing board and release the wrinkles and creases within the fabric. Set aside.
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  3. Starting with one double-sided fusible web sheet, remove the grid paper backing from the adhesive side of the fusible web.
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  5. Place the adhesive (sticky) side down towards fabric. Ensure the fusible web is adhered to the fabric.
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  7. Cut the excess fabric from the fusible web.
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  9. Set up your machine. Place your fabric onto the Brother ScanNCut cutting mat with fabric facing up. In the machine set up, be sure to turn off half-cut. Always do a test cut prior to cutting out your final design.
  10. Proceed with cutting your flowers with Brother ScanNCut.
  11. Once cut, remove the flowers from the mat. Remove the paper backing from your flower.
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  13. Repeat steps 5-7 until all of your desired flowers are cut.
  14. Place your flowers on the back of your jacket in the design you want. Move things around until you get your desired look. Once you achieve a look that you want, press fabric flowers in place. Once flowers are pressed, they will be permanently stuck to the jacket.
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  16. Create fabric covered buttons in the same colors as the flowers you cut out. Follow the instructions on the Craft Cover Button Kit packaging.
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  18. Hand sew each button the center of each flower. Ensure that you tie several knots on the inside of the denim jacket to prevent the button from falling off.
  19. That’s it! How fun is this jacket?! I love it so much and I can’t wait to wear it.
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