How to Make Custom Faux Leather Earrings

Supplies & Tools:

  • Brother ScanNCut DX (SDX85)
  •  Standard Tack Adhesive Mat
  •  Faux leather
  •  2-4 Fishhook Earring Hooks
  •  4-8 Jump Rings (5-6 mm in size)
  •  Needle Nose or Jewelry Pliers


Step 1

In the Brother CanvasWorkspace or directly from your ScanNCut DX, select the shape or image you would like to use for your earrings. You can find a large selection of shapes and patterns to use on Brother CanvasWorkspace (via desktop), Artspira (mobile app) or directly from your ScanNCut’s main menu. I have selected a series of basic shapes for a three-tier dangle earring set, and a fun musical note pattern for a single-tier pair of earrings.

To start, only design a single earring. You will duplicate it once it's exactly how you’d like it to look.  

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Step 2

Size your design according to your preference. On average, your earrings should be between 1-1.25 inches in width and 1-2 inches in length. In this case, the full three-tier shape design will be around 1.16” x 3”, once all tiers are connected. The musical note earring will be 1.48” X 1.01”. 

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Step 3

Add a small .07” inch circle on your earring design in the place(s) where you would like your jump rings to be added. For the three-tier earrings, there will need to be .07” inch holes at the top and bottom center of all shapes with the exception of the bottom tier. 

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Step 4

Once you’ve sized and added holes to your design, group your design and duplicate it.

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Step 5

Place your faux leather on a standard grip Brother ScanNCut mat, load it in to your ScanNCut machine, and select “Cut”. Make sure that you check your cut settings using the wrench symbol to ensure that the “Half Cut” option is “Off”. This will allow the blade to cut through your entire faux leather material. 

*Repeat this process if you are cutting multiple colors of faux leather. 

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Step 6

Remove your cut earring pieces from the mat and begin to assemble your earrings. 

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Step 7

Add a jump ring to the top hole of each of the .07” inch holes. For your three-tier earrings, connect the jump ring placed in the top holes to the empty .07” in hole in the bottom of each faux leather shape.

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Step 8

Add your fish hook to the top jump ring of each earring set to complete your earrings. 

*Pro-tip: When you add your fish hook, twist the hook so that it faces the back of your earring. This will ensure that your earrings face forward as you wear them!

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