Intro Post

Create some stylin' faux leather tassels as your next key fob for snazzy look that never goes out of style.

You will need:

  • Faux leather, Standard mat, high-tack fabric support sheet, ScanNCut, hot glue gun.
  • Leather_Tassels.fcm


1. Download Leather_Tassels.fcm to your machine.
2. Apply a sheet of faux leather in the color(s) of your choice to the Standard mat, using a high-tack fabric support sheet if needed. Cut out the designs.
3. For each tassel size, start by taking the longer fringed piece, and apply a line of hot glue to the back side, along the top strip that holds the fringe together. (Keep the back side of the leather FACING UP at this stage.)
4. Take the long, thin piece that accompanies each tassel size, and with the back side FACING UP attach one end of it to the hot glue at one end of the tassel fringe.
5. Working quickly, start at the end with the long, thin piece that you attached in the previous step. Roll the fringe part tightly to start creating the tassel, pressing down to make sure that the hot glue is adhering the faux leather.
6. When the fringe is about halfway rolled, loop the other end of the long, thin piece down and attach to the hot glue. Continue rolling the tassel to secure the loop.
7. Once the tassel is completely rolled, take the final wider, shorter cutout piece and apply hot glue to the back of it.
8. Roll the piece around the top of the tassel, creating a more decorative and polished look. Make sure the hot glue is secured.
9. You’re done!