How are your Valentine’s Day crafts coming along this year? In our last post, you read about the variety of built-in designs the Brother™ ScanNCut machine offers. For today’s post, we thought that we would show you how you can use some of the machine’s built-in designs to create a fun gift tag. In this project, you’ll be able to see how a little bit of fabric, some fun paper, and a touch of glitter can truly make a project come to life.  


Step 1: To begin, select the Heart-shaped image from the “Basic Shapes” library of designs. Then, use a scrap piece of fabric and cut out your design. For basic cotton quilting material, we used the settings of blade depth: “3,” cut pressure: “5” and cut speed: “1.” [Tip: Use a High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet (CASTBL2) to allow for easy fabric cutting. Also, perform a test cut to see which settings work best with your fabric.]


Step 2: Next, take the same Heart-shaped design and add on a 5mm seam allowance using the “Seam Allowance” function. Then, continue to cut the design out from a piece of sequined mesh metallic fabric.


Step 3: It’s now time to cut your piece of cardstock to the shape and size you desire. Using the “Background Scan” function, scan in your piece of cardstock so you will be able to easily see where exactly your design will be cut from.


Step 4: We’ve added a little sparkle to the cut cardstock, using glittered spray.


Step 5: To assemble your tag, take your glittered cardstock and place your Heart shapes as desired. Then, stitch your Heart shape and your tag outline. Step 6: Once your shapes have been secured onto the cardstock, you can then add on a meaningful sentiment by either selecting one from the gallery of built-in sentiments, or from one that you may have handwritten yourself. Step 7: Finish off your tag by accenting it with lace, ribbon, or any other embellishments you may have!