Intro Post

Like many people who sew, I made some cloth face masks using my Brother sewing machine and my ScanNCut DX:

It’s easy to scan in a mask pattern you find online and cut the fabric with your ScanNCut. If you'd like to know how to do that, watch this video:

Here’s the basic process:

Scan the design (again, I found this design online).

Mirror or flip the design:

Use a High Tack Adhesive Support Sheet on your mat:

Use the Thin Fabric AutoBlade:

Peel your cut fabric off the mat:

To be clear, these are not face masks for medical personnel (most hospitals have specific patterns they want you to use if you're donating masks). These are for personal use when you go to the grocery store, etc. You must still exercise social distancing rules even while wearing a mask. If you're interested in making masks to donate to medical workers, please search the website of your local hospital for information on (a) if they are accepting hand made masks and (b) if they are, what pattern/material they want you to use. I am not a doctor and therefore you should do your own research about masks and mask material.

Stay safe!

Disclaimer: It is important to note that cloth face masks have not been proven to provide effective protection against the spread of viruses. For more information, visit the CDC website.