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Brother ScanNCut DX
• standard mat
• sticker vinyl
• transfer material
• paint
• paste (or white paint)
• wood apple/décor shape
• paint brush
• card-stock
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Tip: Want to do some stenciling but don’t own stencils? Use your scraps of card-stock, acetate, or other firm material and create your own with the Brother ScanNCut DX! Just remember to space things away from the edge for easier application of mediums and enjoy the creative possibilities of making your own stencils..

Let’s talk home décor projects – they can be really overwhelming and intricate, but hey, they can also be sweet and simple! There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating your own signs, decorations, and other pieces to add custom DIY flair to your home.

For this project I hand wrote the words and applied them to a wood painted apple. There are, however, endless variations on how you could customize this for yourself! Handwriting or drawing a design to create a cut file is one way I love to ensure my projects are completely custom, but you could easily substitute in an SVG file, or utilize built-in text designs.

By using stencil and texture paste I was able to add another dimension and shape into this project, and my recommendation for this technique is to have patience, allow layers to dry before adding new layers on top. This will keep your designs and colors crisp and applies to paint as well. Some options to customize painting further would include adding additional colors, blending more, or creating more of a background variation of colors. How much color, texture, and design you put into your background will depend on your finished project goals.

Finally, I want to mention that there is no such thing as a home décor project too big or small, too simple, or too complicated! The Brother ScanNCut DX allows me to take any idea I might have and assist me with the business of cutting or drawing what I need to help me create things! Often, I have ideas such as my fall apple that I would like to make happen, and thanks to the Brother ScanNCut DX I can perfect my writing before scanning and turning into a cut file. No worries if it doesn’t quite work the first time, I draw it – I can always edit, redo, and alter before committing to my final materials and that is such a joy.

These types of mixed media projects bring my love of craft into my home as well as being fun to make, and I hope you enjoy this video tutorial.

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