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My sweet friend Birgit came to visit New York from the Netherlands.  Knowing she was coming, I wanted to make her a little something I'm calling a Birga-Box.
Birgit1   A totally fun gift that looks just like her!  If you glued a piece of acetate or plastic behind the face you could totally use these boxes for candy or favors at a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party! A couple things I learned along the way: I tried cutting the box out of different colors, but the black is the only one that looked "right."
Birgit2 I tried putting patterned paper in the bottom of the box, but it didn't quite look as good to me.
Birgit3 I did use a perforation line in my cut file for easy peasy folding!
Birgit4 The best part is now that I've done my trial and error and know how to make the box look its best, I can make lots and lots more! See you next week!