Satin Ice Creepy Spiderweb and Flying Bats Home Decor

Intro Post

Our cool friends over at Satin Ice have cooked up some spooky Halloween home décor for your next ghostly get-together!

You will need:

Spiderweb Doily Size the web to coordinate with your plate size. It can be placed on top of the plate or underneath.
  • Measure plate that you want to use. For instance, we our plate was 7” so we sized our web to be 5”.
  • Download Web.fcm into your ScanNCut.
  • Load card stock on to mat and cut.
  • Weed out and place on or underneath plates.
  • Enjoy!

Bats The size of the bats can be the same or vary for special effect. Our bats were 7” wide.
  • Download 3DBat.fcm to your ScanNCut.
  • Following the Bat image, do a 1/2 cut first on the dotted lines (creases), then change settings to Full Cut for the outline of the bat.

  • Weed out bat and fold along the creases - the two inner creases fold in and the outer creases fold out, making the bat to appear as if it’s flying.
  • Use double sided tape to adhere to wall.
  • Look out for flying bats!

Disclaimer: None of the fondant cupcake and castle pieces were created with the ScanNCut (just a steady hand and a creative eye). Thanks.