St. Patrick’s Day Terrarium Fairy House

Create a one-of-a-kind Fairy House Terrarium just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Find a glass terrarium planter. Fill it with soil, pebbles, moss, and some small, easy-care plants such as succulents or cacti. Make sure to mount the soil and moss into one corner of the terrarium - this is where the fairy door will go.

Download the cutting files (they are all separated by color). Cut out all assets from cardstock using the machine according to color.

Assemble the components as follows:

Fairy Door:

Brown Elements
White Elements

Layer the large circle under the window opening of the door and secure with glue. Layer the windowpane over the window opening of the door and secure with glue. Take one of the small brown dots and secure to the door as a doorknob. The final product should look like this:


Use a paintbrush with watercolor, colored pencils, or markers to add in color and texture as you see fit.


Mushroom caps from Red elements
Stems and dots from White elements

Use glue to connect the stems to the bottom of the mushroom caps. Match the smaller stems to the smaller caps and the larger stems to the larger caps - for variation in your terrarium. Then attach 4-5 white dots to the top of each mushroom cap with glue. The final products should look something like this

Once again, add additional color and texture with coloring tools of your choice if desired.

Cut out remaining pieces (Blue pond cutout and fence shape.) Trim the fence shape down a bit if it’s too long for your terrarium space.

Gather the assembled elements (the Fairy Door, Mushrooms, Blue pond cutout, and fence shape). Use hot glue or tape to attach toothpicks to the backs of each element except for the fairy door.

Arrange your terrarium by poking the toothpicks of the elements into the soil! Be playful and have fun making your fairy house.