How To Make Custom Bridesmaid Dress Hangers

-Brother Crafts Blogger

- ScanNCutSDX230Di
- standard mat
- vinyl
- transfer material
- ornament (acrylic, wood, or other)
- ribbon
- any optional color mediums (alcohol ink) or other decorations.

When you’re getting ready for a wedding, there are so many things to remember! It can be hard to keep your bridesmaid’s dresses organized as you get ready for the big day. Luckily, there’s a simple craft that will help you tell your bridesmaid dresses apart and add a custom touch your bridesmaids will cherish for years to come! Using vinyl and repurposed Christmas ornaments, May Flaum shares the many ways she imports fonts and words into her ScanNCut DX, and how she batch creates beautiful tags and ornaments like these. Find out how you can use your Brother electronic cutting machine to create these custom bridesmaid hangers!

1. To use the Font Converter tool, type and save each word you would like to use to a USB drive, then import to your ScanNCut DX via the USB drive.
2. To use the scanner to scan handwritten or printed words, select scan to cut data, scan your word(s), select both inside and outside lines, and save to either USB or the machine.
3. To use built-in fonts select the font you would like, type your word, and continue as usual to cut it out with the ScanNCut DX.
4. Once you have your words (and any numbers) on your screen, in the edit screen you can unify words, re-size words, duplicate words, add shapes, and any other details that you would like.
Tip: Making more than one? Go ahead and cut multiple of the word(s) that are duplicated all at once! This saves time and makes creating a breeze.
5. Once all words are placed and sized as desired, select cut, in tool options select half cut, and then cut from sticker vinyl in the color(s) desired.
6. Weed your designs and cut-apart to prepare for assembly of your projects.
7. Using transfer material, one at a time pick up the words with the transfer material and place onto the ornament as desired.
8. To finish the project add a ribbon, stringing wire and beads, twine, or other material at the top. If working with acrylic you can also add alcohol ink to the back side to create a colorful unique piece.
These bridesmaid tags are so much fun to create, add such personality, and make a great custom detail to any wedding. They can be made one at a time or in a batch, and as shown in the video there are many ways of getting a font or word file generated with your ScanNCut DX to create one of a kind giftable pieces. This project could be customized to holidays and celebrations of all types as well as being used for more than hangers.