Discover the World of DTG Printing!

At the crossroads between textile printing and ink technology lies direct-to-garment (DTG) printing! DTG printing is a process for adding your favorite graphics to the garments of your choice. From starting a T-shirt business to enhancing an established high-volume printing facility, direct to garment printing provides multiple solutions for businesses of all sizes.

In the topics below, learn more about the printing, pretreatment, and curing machines utilized by industry professionals. Watch demonstrations of direct to garment printers in action. Discover the wide variety of garments and substrates you can print upon and the pretreating and curing needed for long-lasting, vibrant prints. With the flexibility of printing from digital images, these techniques can help inspire speedy and flexible solutions for businesses.

Getting Started With DTG Printing

What is DTG?

Learn the basics of direct to garment printing and discover the benefits of its process.

Business of DTG

See how DTG printing is utilized to create and grow a thriving business.

Steps of DTG

Explore the four step process of digital printing a garment from start to finish.

DTG Equipment

Outfit your shop with the right equipment and tools for your business needs.

Get Inspired by DTG

Get a printer that can do more than just t-shirts! Different platens and inserts make it easier to print on a variety of garments.

Learn More
Hear from people who have successfully incorporated DTG printing into their business strategy.

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Learn how DTG printers can help businesses meet the demands of the high-volume printing industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Resources to Get Started

Artwork & Software

To get your designs from your computer to the DTG printer, select the graphic design software that works best for you.

Garment Selection

The choices made before printing begins are important. Learn how to select the best garment for DTG printing.

Pretreating 101

Understand the purpose of pretreating and discover how it enhances color vibrancy on dark garments.

Curing Equipment

Learn how heat is used to bind the DTG inks to your garment and determine what method is best for your shop.

Learn More About the GTXpro DTG Printer

Check out the features of the GTXpro and see how its advanced technology can you grow your garment business.

Explore the GTXpro B High-Volume DTG Printer

Speed, endurance, and flexibility. GTXpro B is designed to keep up with the demands of your high volume business, and scales to your level of growth.