Make an Impact on Your Business Wth a DTG Printer Setup

DTG is one of the fastest growing decorating technologies in the fashion industry. Stores are always looking for new strategies to put art designs and graphics onto a variety of different garments. As digital technologies progress, demand increases for higher resolution prints with a larger range of color. DTG has adjusted with the times to provide a variety of features to meet current demands.

Market-Flexible Features

High Resolution Printing for All Sizes

DTG specializes in printing vivid graphics with high amounts of detail. The speed of a single, full-color print makes fulfilling orders a more streamlined process.

Full-Color Designs

With DTG, you are always printing from an image file. The contents of that image file are up to you and your market! Print the artwork that matches your business’s clientele, no matter the number of colors or level of detail in a design.

Fast Turnaround Time

DTG printing allows you to quickly respond to orders and immediately start production. Orders can be delivered to your customers with speed without sacrificing quality.

Print Over Seams, Zippers, and More

You can print from a variety of sizes by using different platens and changing the dimensions of your image files. The GTXpro print head has a large gap from the bottom of the print head to the top of the substrate, which makes it easier to print on a variety of substrates.

Photographic Quality Prints

DTG printing allows you to create prints with multiple colors with high detail in a matter of a few minutes.

Create Custom Print Settings

Quickly retrieve your favorite print designs by saving digital files with your favorite settings. Digital files can make it easier to reprint your best-selling designs.

How Can DTG Help You Open New Markets?

Traditional garment decorating techniques rely on mass production of a single design in hopes of making an impact. However, the flexibility of a DTG printer makes it easy for you to print any design you want at any time. With the right direct to garment printer and some marketing, you can test new market areas by quickly trying a few designs without a huge time commitment.

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