GTXpro B Keeps Up With Your High-Volume Business - No Matter How Fast You Grow

At some point, you are going to want a solution that scales with your ever-increasing production volume. That’s where Brother GTXpro B comes in. Brother GTXpro B gives you the flexibility to integrate multiple machines into a POD setup, once you have the volume to justify it.

POD Setup Options

A POD is a flexible DTG solution where you choose your configuration of printers, curing (drying), and pretreatment device. Each part of the POD is modular, making it easy to add on to your current setup as your business grows.

Check out the three sample POD setups below and discover how a growing garment business can expand to meet increasing production needs.

Click the images or links below to see each setup

  • 105-115 pieces per hour
  • 2-Lane with 3 GTXpro B printers
  • Labor: 2 Employees
  • Growth Potential:
  • - Up to 6 GTXpro B printers with an additional heating drone (heating element) allows for up to 210 shirts per hour.

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● 210 – 240 pieces per hour
● 3-Lane with 6 GTXpro B printers
● Labor: 3 employees
● Growth Potential:

- Up to 9 GTXpro B printers with an additional heating drone (heating element) allows for up to 380 shirts per hour.

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● Contact Brother for output ranges.
● Multiple 3-Lane with 9 GTXpro B printers each.
● Labor: 4 employees per pod.
● Growth Potential:

- Multiple production lines based upon business needs.

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