What is DTG Printing?

DTG Printing, or direct to garment printing, is the process of taking a digital image from a computer to a specialized printer that jets the ink directly on to a garment or textile. Learn about the fundamentals of DTG printing, how it works, and how it can help grow your garment business.

Direct to Garment Printing in a Nutshell

History of DTG

Direct to garment printing (or DTG) is an emerging garment decorating technology that became widely available in the commercial market in the mid-2000s. Over the years, improvements to the chemistry and hardware have made the DTG printing one of the fastest growing decorating technologies in the industry.

How Does DTG Work?

Direct to garment printing works differently from traditional screen printing, in that the technology gives you the ability to quickly print highly detailed images with multiple colors. A DTG printer’s print heads jet translucent CMYK ink and opaque white ink onto a garment’s surface. Applying heat to the ink allows it to dry and adhere to the fabric, keeping it in place.

Benefits of DTG

From One to Many Garments

DTG Printing allows you to print a single garment with a unique design or continue printing as many garments that are needed. You can quickly change the size of the design to optimally match up with different size garments.

Get to Market Faster

Load your image, load your garment, and hit the print button! The speed of DTG makes it easy for you to take any new idea you have and build a new product in no time! Capitalize on the latest memes or fashion trends without having to invest a large amount of time or inventory with DTG printing.

Print Where You Never Could Before

DTG printing is versatile by design. Particularly with our GTX line of printers, you can selectively print on parts of a garment that would be tricky otherwise. Seams, zippers, pockets, shoulders and more can be printed upon with the visuals of your choosing.

Set Up Your Printer Anywhere

A DTG printer does not require a large footprint for operation. All you need is space for the printer itself, a computer, a pretreater and a heat curing device, and you’re good to go. Your small business operation is fully set up, in one room. Stack your garments in the corner and you’re ready to create!

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