How to Make A Birthday Gift Bag

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  • ScanNCut DX
  • Standard mat
  • Cardstock in various colors
  • Dry and liquid adhesive
  • Gift bag
  • Curling ribbon (or any ribbon)
  • Rhinestones or epoxy accents, as desired

Looking for a way to dress up a gift and add a homemade touch? How about creating a gift bag that is reusable and customized? With your ScanNCut DX machine and the new Artspira app, we’ve got you covered! In the party & occasion tab on Artspira you will find some great birthday cut files (free!) and this birthday crown tag immediately made me think of customizing a gift. This project is easy, quick, and so much fun!

  1. Open the Artspira app and under cut files click on the party and occasion tab. Select the birthday crown cut file and press to transfer to your ScanNCut DX machine wirelessly.
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  3. On your ScanNCut DX machine while on Wi-Fi, click to retrieve data, click the cloud in top right side of screen, and open the cut file.
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  5. Re-size the cut file as desired, then add additional designs such as flowers, basic tags, and more as you would like to create a decorative gift bag. I selected various flowers, but stars, hearts, and balloon shapes would also make great choices.
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    Tip: Once you have moved a file into your ScanNCut DX from Artspira, you can treat it like any other cut file and re-size.

  7. Once all patterns are selected place your material (5 ½” squares of cardstock used in my example) onto your mat, and load the mat.
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  9. Press to scan the mat, then adjust cut files as needed to fit onto the squares of material. Once complete select cut, and cut out the designs.
  10. Remove all of the pieces from your mat and gather your glue, gift bag, and ribbon.
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  12. Starting with the ribbon, tie it to one of the bag handles (just one if reusable is goal), and then hang the tags from the ribbon.
  13. Tip: Curling ribbon is used in this example but anything from tulle to art fibers, binding material to fabric can work as ‘ribbon’ on a gift bag!

  14. Add flowers, rhinestones, and any other accents desired before filling with a gift and giving to a loved one.
  15. This is a great project to use leftovers, scraps, and a wonderful way to add a homemade touch to any gift big or small!

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