DIY paper flowers with ScanNCut


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Creating paper flowers can be very time consuming as well as intimidating, but the ScanNCut makes it easy! With plenty of built-in designs to choose from, you can easily dream up and wide variety of colorful petals and flower designs, from tiny to extra-large! Use these flowers to create an amazing gift topper, in a vase to display, or even on a wall as party décor or a photo back drop.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Select a petal design and add in the largest size you would like to use.
  2. Using the edit screen on ScanNCut, add additional petals in sizes (I recommend ½” increments) and increase the number of petals as desired. A six-petal design was used on this project, but other sizes can be utilized as well.
  3. Arrange the petals, and if desired duplicate (by unifying petals into one cut pattern, then adding a second) so that more flowers can be cut at the same time.
  4. Cut out the designs, and repeat “cut, start” with additional colors of cardstock as desired.
  5. Select and cut additional patterns if variety in petals/styles is desired. Include a set in green for leaves if creating flowers on sticks/dowels.
  6. Once all designs are cut out, begin the process of curling the petals. You will want to focus your efforts on the base of the petals, as this will be the end you glue.Tip: Cut extra petals if this is your first time and experiment with what curling style you like!
  7. Adhere a layer of petals to a scrap (or purposefully cut round) of cardstock. Note that in my example all petals meet in the middle to give more depth, but that petals can also be glued in circles working inward to have all petals touching the base as well.
  8. Once set, add a button, paper, or other embellishment to the center of the flower. Then add a dowel and you are set. Optional would be to add leaves around the dowel or skip dowel and hang on the wall.

With up to 12x24” mat size to work with – you can create flowers that are fancy big or, thanks to the wonderful SNC blades, very, very small (the smallest I’ve worked with is ½” petals). I recommend tweezers when working with tiny petals, as the hot glue is very painful if it should contact your skin! Overall, this is a fun project and skill to master for gift-giving, decorating, and all-around creative fun!

Intro Post

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