DIY Faux Leather Friendship Bracelets

Grab your ScanNCut and your BFF and create some fun memories by making some cool leather friendship bracelets!

You will need: Faux Leather, ribbon clamps in various sizes, jump rings, jewelry toggles, ScanNCut, Standard Mat, High-Tack Fabric Support Sheet, jewelry pliers


  1. Download bracelets.fcm to your machine.
  2. Attach your faux leather to a standard tack mat using a High-Tack Fabric Support Sheet.
  3. Cut out the bracelet designs. If you find that the bracelets are coming out too big or too small, use the on-screen controls to resize the bracelet width to be smaller or bigger.
  4. Remove the bracelet designs from the mat.
  5. Use jewelry pliers to attach the ribbon clamps to the bracelet strips on each end.
  6. Attach jump rings to each ribbon clamp, leaving them slightly open.
  7. Attach the two toggle ends to each end of the bracelet. Close the jump rings completely.
  8. You’re done!