Have you downloaded the new Artspira App for your ScanNCut DX? This app gets better all the time from editing abilities to new designs added each week. For this project we are showing you how fast and easy it can be to customize a t-shirt using Artspira and your ScanNCut DX. You can take this idea and add to it, change it for any occasion, and even change what you are customizing from bandanas to tote bags and everything in between.

Shrugging skeleton applique on pink shirt with arm folded over


Close up of shrugging skeleton applique on pink shirt.


  1. Open the Artspira app and select the Happy Skull 2 Cut design. Click “Create” and then “Transfer” to send the design from Artspira to your ScanNCut DX machine wirelessly.

    Tip: Want to do some editing? Artspira now offers editing features in-app! Just click the “+” new and Design Editor (under cutting tab) to get started!
  2. Turn on your ScanNCut DX machine, click to retrieve data, and click the cloud icon at top right.
  3. Use the edit function to re-size, flip (if desired) and otherwise move the pattern around.

    Tip: Some cut files are in pieces, and you will need to click the Multiple Selection (3 red boxes) to select all parts, then in the edit screen select Group, if you’d like to move all pieces and resize all pieces as one unit.
  4. Scan the mat so that you can see your HTV material, and move the skeleton as needed.
  5. Select cut, then Open Machine Settings to turn on half cut so that the vinyl will cut out, but not your backing material.
  6. Weed (remove) all vinyl that is excess from around your design, including inside the eyes.
  7. Heat your iron and place the t-shirt on an ironing board or mat, then run the iron over to smooth any wrinkles and prepare the shirt for transfer.
  8. Place your design as desired, cover with a press cloth (or just some fabric) and heat press with iron until set. Once set, remove the transfer backing material and your shirt is ready!

This adorable shirt is so easy to make, and there are hundreds of options in Artspira with more being added all the time to choose from!

Full view of shrugging skeleton applique on pink shirt.
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