Intro Post

You will need:

  • White paper (12” x 12”), Auto Blade, ScanNCut, Low-Tack Mat, Gold decorative hoop, needle and thread


1. Download “feathers.fcm” to your machine.
2. Load the low-tack mat with white paper and cut out the designs.
3. Repeat step 2 two to three more times to collect a good number of feathers (20 is a good number to start at).
4. Using a needle, pierce a small hole near the “stem” of each feather.
5. Using a length of thread and a needle, begin to create strands of feathers. We used 4 to 5 feathers per strand and created 7 strands for our mobile.
6. Carefully handle each strand so that they don’t get tangled.
7. Use a spare piece of thread if needed to tie each strand onto the gold decorate hoop (making sure that each strand is evenly spaced).
8. Use a spare bit of thread to hang up the gold hoop to create the mobile.
9. Done!