Menorah card on grey background


Have you downloaded and created with the Artspira app? Not only is it quick and easy, but it adds so many wonderful free patterns to your own collection for use. One example is being shown here today – I wanted to make a Hanukkah card for a dear friend and Artspira had the perfect Menorah cut file to help me spread light and love. 


1. Open Artspira and select the pattern you would like to cut. Press transfer to send wirelessly to your ScanNCut DX machine.

Tip: Artspira now offers in-app editing! So, if you’d prefer to move, resize, or otherwise edit your design before sending it to your machine, you can!

2. Turn on your ScanNCut DX, and go to retrieve data. The top right option (a cloud) should be clicked to move the file from Artspira and onto your ScanNCut DX machine.

3. If any sizing needs to be done, select all parts and resize. Otherwise set each piece (flames, candles, etc.) apart on mat.

4. Place pieces of vinyl (or card stock if you prefer!) on mat and scan it in to ensure placement of pieces will cut properly. Then select cut and cut out.

Tip: If using vinyl or sticker material you will want to select half cut, and if you are working with paper, you will not as you want paper to cut all the way through.

5. Transfer each piece onto transfer material, keeping in mind the order and how you want the layers to appear in the final project.

6. Transfer the entire design onto card stock to design your card. A 5 ½ x 4 ¼ folded card is used in this example, however many sizes and styles will work well with this!

7. Add any finishing touches such as a sentiment inside, stamping, or other decorations as desired. 


With so many free designs to use so easily and quickly from the Artspira app, this new tool has really increased the ways that I can use my ScanNCut DX machine! There are so many options, as well as free tutorials in the app to enjoy and utilize in your own crafting as you make and gift with love. 

Menorah card on white background