Disney Inspired Minnie Pumpkin Jar Decorations

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There’s something to be said for small details and easy décor, and in this project example, May will show you how easy it is to take your plastic or glass containers and change them into seasonal delights with the help of your ScanNCut SDX230Di machine!

This makes a great counter decoration that doubles as storage, a part of a Halloween display, or a fabulous hostess gift as well! The ideas are limitless and you can create and share projects with friends and family while adding to the seasonal décor of your home.

Supplies Needed:

  • Brother ScanNCut
  • Standard Mat
  • Craft/Sticker Vinyl
  • Transfer Material
  • Glass or Plastic Container


  1. Select the Minnie Mouse pattern, size to 4”, and one at a time select set, and add the piece to your mat. Do not worry about placing these carefully yet – just continue to add all 4 pieces until done.
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  3. Choose add, then go back into the Disney designs, select Mickey Mouse’s pumpkin head, and repeat process of changing size to 4”, and adding each piece to the mat.
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  5. Place vinyl pieces (at least 4 ½” x 8 for pumpkins, smaller for other colors) on mat, and scan into machine on the mat screen. Tip: This is a great project to both use up scraps and cut all of your pieces at once!
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  7. Move the pieces as needed to fit onto the desired colors of vinyl.
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  9. Ensure half cut is turned on, and cut out the pieces.
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  11. Remove all pieces from mat, weed/remove all excess vinyl from around the designs.
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  13. Using transfer material, transfer all pieces to create the layered sticker starting by layering the pumpkin head onto the solid head, then add the accessories and eyes.
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  15. Transfer each head onto the jar/container. Start in the middle and rub outwards to avoid bubbles and for the smoothest transfer if surface is curved.
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  17. If desired, use a scrap of orange and or black vinyl and select and cut out ¼ - ½ inch hearts. Add to fill in space on lid and around the pumpkin heads.
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