Brother Reenergizes the Quilting Industry

“Brother is Quilting” is this year’s buzz phrase as Brother International Corporation announces how its leadership in the sewing industry has expanded into the craft of quilting. The company is now being recognized as a leader and expert in the quilting industry, and its lineup of innovative sewing and quilting machines and accessories blew away the competition at the VDTA/SDTA Show and Convention in Las Vegas last month. “As we kick off the New Year, we are excited to reintroduce our expansive line of machines which are stocked with industry-first quilting features,” said Dean F. Shulman, Senior Vice President of Brother International Corporation and the head of the company’s Home Appliance Industrial Products Division. “As the craft of quilting continues to grow, so is our passion to design machines, features and accessories that make the craft easy, fun and allow for free-flowing creativity.” Brother dealers across the country are seeing a surge in quilting and are excited about the expansive line of machines and accessories that are catered to quilters. Here are the top machine picks from Brother that are stocked with quilting features that have positioned the company as the go-to brand for quilting enthusiasts:

Top Machine Picks with the Ultimate Quilting Features and Capabilities:


THE Dream Machine

  • Custom Stippling: Get the look of complicated freehand stippling. Use the InnovEye® 2 Technology scanning feature to scan original designs; or, draw unique patterns directly on the built-in HD LCD display – all without the use of stitch regulation, software or a PC.
  • Personalize Your Quilt: Add an embroidered signature using the scanner or drawing – directly on the screen.
  • ¼" Piecing Foot with Guide: Exclusively for centered straight stitching quarter-inch seams.
  • Sew Straight™ 2 Laser Vision Guide: Use the laser guide line for precision straight line sewing. Turn on the laser to follow your seams for stitching in the ditch, stitching at regular even intervals, or chain piecing those half-square triangles – without the need to mark a thing.

THE Dream Fabric Frame

  • Embellish Quilts of Any Size: Including king-sized quilts.
  • SureStitch™ Stitch Regulator: Built-in for enhanced stitch creation and control during free-motion sewing.
  • Starter Kit Included: Everything you need to begin quilting. Experiment with quilting techniques, build your confidence, and fine-tune your quilting skills.
  • Just 3' x 5': The innovative quilting frame will nicely fit in your home.


  • Generous 8.3" Workspace: Allows quilters to work comfortably during free-motion quilting.
  • Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA®): Delivers smooth, even stitches when sewing multiple fabric layers.
  • Push-Button Scissors: Timesaving feature that will cut both upper and lower threads at the push of a button.
  • MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed: Gives you superior fabric control by keeping all the layers feeding at the same pace.
  • Quilting Feet: Free-motion Echo Quilting Foot, Free-motion Quilting Foot, Walking Foot, and ¼" Quilting Foot with Guide.
  • Sideways Sewing: Sew stitches to the left and right, in addition to forwards and backwards. Now, there are no more awkward maneuvers of large quilts, and you will save stress and wear-and-tear on your fabric (and your shoulders).


    • Cut quilt blocks with ease.
    • Includes 140 built-in quilt patterns.
    • Add a seam allowance in ¼" increments to assist
in piecing together fabric pieces for quilts.
  • Large 12" x 24" scanning and cutting area.

Persona PRS100

  • Create on an 8" x 8" quilting embroidery area.
  • Quilting embroidery designs are built-in.
  • Border hoop is available for sashing strips.
Brother innovators have listened to the concerns of quilters and have designed features to address their most challenging obstacles. The problem of not having a large enough workspace to maneuver large quilts is a thing of the past. THE Dream Machine and the V-Series line from Brother features a large 11.25" workspace (from needle-to-arm) while the Q-Series line offers a generous 8.3" workspace, which now allows quilters to work comfortably while they work on free-motion quilting projects. Quilters are raving about their favorite features found on the Q-Series line of machines. The Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA®) feature helps deliver smooth, even stitches virtually every time (even when sewing multiple fabric layers). They can’t get enough of the built-in push-button scissors that saves them time by conveniently cutting both upper and lower threads, right at their fingertips. Located at the front of the machine, quilters can forge ahead with their projects without the need to stop and reach for their scissors, and this also helps eliminate the frustration of wasting thread when pulling the project out from beneath the needle. Experienced quilters and sewers will universally admit that one of the most difficult tasks in sewing thick fabrics (like leather and many synthetics) is keeping all of the layers of fabric feeding at the same time. The innovative MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed System eliminates that frustration, because the adjustable foot enables superior fabric control. Quilters have the ability to adjust feeding of the fabrics to ensure proper alignment. With an extensive collection of built-in quilting stitches, embroidery designs, quilting feet and accessories, quilters will act like kids in a candy store – not knowing which one to try first! quilting-samples The features found on Brother machines are inspiring quilters across the country to expand their creativity. The industry is seeing a surge in the popularity of quilting, and sewing rooms across the country are buzzing with a renewed love of the craft. THE Dream Fabric Frame by Brother is a perfect example of innovation at its finest. Recognized as the ultimate quilting accessory, THE Dream Fabric Frame will revolutionize the way quilters quilt using a wide selection of Brother-built machines. With its large workspace and free-motion features, quilters will no longer need to constantly move their fabric. The machine does the work as the user simply moves it across the fabric, from zone-to-zone. This year, the members of VDTA (Vacuum Dealers Trade Association) recognized THE Dream Fabric Frame by Brother as the “Ultimate Product of the Year” at the VDTA/SDTA Show and Convention. Visitors at the show were also invited to vote on their favorite products, and THE Dream Fabric Frame was voted as the “New Product of the Year” in the Quilting category. Brother is opening the eyes of quilters across the country with their line of state-of-the-art machines and accessories. Even the most seasoned quilters have been impressed. “Our 2016 machine lineup includes groundbreaking industry features and accessories that are opening up new doors to the quilting community,” said Shulman. “It’s an exciting time for both our company and our customers as we continue to lead the industry as a premier brand by catering to a market with a wide range of talents, passions and creativity.”
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