Enter PatternReview.com's 3rd Annual Sewing Bee

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the Grand Prize
for PatternReview.com's
2016 3rd annual Sewing Bee
What a way to kick off National Sewing Month!
In this contest PatternReview.com will give four mystery sewing challenges and about a week to complete each challenge. At the end of each round, your entries will be judged by Deepika Prakash - Founder and President of PatternReview.com, The Contest Committee and he final three will also have a Guest Judge.

The first round begins TODAY, September 1st, and runs through October 15th!

For the INFORMATION on ROUND 1 can be found

HERE on the Official PatternReview.com Blog Post.

For continued up to date information, please click through to the PatternReview.com Blog
maria_PatternReview.comEach round contestants will have about a week to sew the item announced for that round of competition, following the particular guidelines set forth by the Contest Committee. Please read them carefully!! An active participant and Finalist in the 2015 Sewing Bee (check out her great Olympic outfit!)
, Maria (MVi14)
, has volunteered to act as the Contest Manager this year. She will also be available as a mentor to contestants.
Contestants must have their submissions posted in a timely fashion according to the rules, and be sure to take clear photographs and write a fully detailed description of your piece that will allow it to stand out! Refer to the PatternReview.com Blog
for links to all rules.
We will be following along as one of our own, Kimberli MacKay, will be one of the guest industry experts that has agreed to assist in judging the last three rounds! She is in great company with Maria Moesby and Kenneth D. King. Judges Left to Right: Kimberli MacKay from Brother, Maria Moesby - Pattern Designer and Fit Expert - MariaDenmark.com and Kenneth D. King - Couturier and Educator. judge-kimberli_PatternReview.comjudge-mariadenmark_PatternReview.comjudge-kenneth_PatternReview.com


Sep 1 - 7 - Round 1 - INFORMATION on ROUND 1 can be found HERE on the Official PatternReview.com Blog Post.
Sep 14-20 - Round 2 Sep 25 - Oct. 1 - Round 3 Oct 6 - Oct 12 - Final Round Let's get those machines out and sewing, the time is here!
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