VIDEO: Making a Faux Leather Book Cover

Brother Machine:

      • Brother DreamWeaver™ XE 6200D


        Give your favorite book a touch of class and sew a custom faux leather book cover that will fit any size book; perfect for yourself or a gift! Here is a condensed list of the steps, be sure to watch the video for the full tutorial along with tips for using features on your Brother machine including the Sew Straight™ Laser Vision Guide and MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed System. Faux Leather Book Cover-photo 6


        • Faux Leather or a fabric that doesn’t fray (the video show specifics for fabric options or refer to this post
          for a tutorial on creating custom fabric by quilting faux leather and fleece)
        • Clear vinyl
        • All Purpose thread, silk thread, or cotton thread
        • #14/90 Denim Jean or Leather Sewing Machine Needle
        • Ribbon
        • Fabric clips (instead of pins)
        • Measuring tape
        Faux Leather Book Cover - photo 2

        Condensed List of Steps

        1. Start by measuring the book and cut the faux leather fabric to these measurements:
      • Width measurement: measure around the book from edge of each cover each, then add 1” for a hardback book or ½” for a paperback book (a little extra room to get the book in and out of the cover).
      • Length measurement: measure the book from the cover top to the cover bottom. Again, add 1” for a hardback book or ½” for a paperback book (a little extra room to get the book in and out of the cover).
2. Cut 2 pieces of vinyl fabric to same height measurement. The width is determined by the book, typically about half of the width of one cover. The video will show you specific on this. 3. Cut a piece or 2 of ribbon: Cut the ribbon to the length of the book X 2 + 4 inches. 4. Line up the vinyl on each side edge with the wrong side of the fabric facing the vinyl. Use clips to hold the vinyl in place (pins can leave holes in the vinyl – not good!) 5. Line up the center of each ribbon with the center edge of the book cover and clip in place. 6. Set the machine for a straight stitch anywhere between 3.0 to 4.5. Use the Brother MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed System to glide over the fleece backing and vinyl. If you don’t have this foot, use a non-stick foot. 7. Set the needle position to 1/8” from the edge of the fabric and stitch. Use the Sew Straight™ Laser Vision Guide to sew a perfectly straight stitch. Faux Leather Book Cover - photo 5 That’s it! Check out the video for an in-depth tutorial and fabric ideas. Be sure to share photos and tag them #BrotherSews and #StitchingSewcial, I would love to see what your creative book covers look like! Don't forget to take a look at the post, Tutorial: How to Quilt Faux Leather
for a step by step preparation of quilted faux leather backed with fleece. [youtube id="5_FsHSXr5YU"] Cheers,