Quick Tip: Choosing the Keyhole Buttonhole

Do you have a shank button and wonder what buttonhole to choose? If you scan through the buttonholes on your machine, you might see what is called a “Key-Hole” buttonhole. The shape of the buttonhole has a semi-circle at the end, resembling an actual keyhole. I use this buttonhole for decoration on jackets and it looks beautiful! Yet, the keyhole buttonhole is designed specifically for buttons that have a shank. If you have ever sewn jeans, this is the ideal place for the keyhole buttonhole! I have included a video to show how to measure a larger button for size and lining up the buttonhole. Next time you scroll through the buttonholes, you might want to give these designer buttonholes a try! Cheers, Angela angelas-sig [youtube id="m4AnTXBG-dQ"]
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