Cool Embroidered Scrap Fabric Cuff Bracelets

Get together with your BFF and create some everlasting friendship bracelets with a little creativity and your Brother Sewing Machine. Make a handful today!

You will need:

  • Brother sewing machine,
    press-on jewelry clasps/ribbon crimps, scrap fabric, felt or interfacing to stabilize the inside, pliers


1. Cut your scrap fabric! Determine how wide to cut your fabric strips based on the width of your ribbon crimps. Add a ¼-inch seam allowance on each side. For example, if using a ½-inch crimp, you'll want to add ½-inch to the width of the crimp. Use a strip of fabric (or measuring tape) to measure the circumference of your wrist and then add a ½-inch. The felt (to give the bracelet heft and structure) should be cut the same width as the ribbon crimps. 2. Cut two pieces of fabric and interfacing per bracelet. 3. Center the strips of felt on the wrong sides of the fabric and sew down the middle. Repeat for the other side. Iron down the ¼-inch seam allowances for both sides of the bracelets (the sides will meet up in the middle). 4. Time to embroider! Choose which will be the top piece of your bracelet and embroider your message on that piece. 5. Place your fabric strips right sides together, making sure all the edges are lined up and pin (if needed). Sew down each side of the bracelet. 6. Place your hardware at each end of the bracelet. You can use pliers to flatten the crimps and hold them in place, as well as open the jump rings to fit onto the clasp. 7. Wear, share, and enjoy!