Angela Wolf Sew A Long: Chic Cashmere Trench Coat Part 3

Part 3: How to create the Sleeves & Belts Loops

Note: Here is Part 1
and here is Part 2
of the Angela Wolf Cashmere Trench Coat Sew-A-Long!
How is your jacket coming along? Leave me a comment below or if you have any questions as you are sewing along. Next up is to sew the sleeves and belts.

Sewing the Belts

To create the same point on each wrist belt, I mark the tip with a fabric pen or tailors chalk. Now when I stitch to the end my stitching will be the same on each side of the point and both of the wrist belt loops. Trim the points as shown below. Turn the belt right side out and press. Chalk mark the point. Use the Triple Stitch set to a stitch length of 3.5 or 4.0 and Topstitch the belt. I had enough cashmere to make 2 different wrist belts, so I made one set with all cashmere and one set with cashmere and lining. Now to decide on a belt or D-rings. For the belt or D-rings, slide the unfinished edge of the belt through the belt and run two rows of stitches to secure.

Sewing the Sleeves

If you are sewing a fabric like wool, cashmere, or any natural fiber for that matter, prepping the sleeve cap can make it much easier to sew into the jacket. Before we shape the sleeve cap, stitch on your wrist belt loops. Sew the sleeve together and press the seam allowances open. Stitch a basting stitch (or use a stitch length of 5.0) two rows of stitching along the sleeve cap. Pull up on the bobbin thread on both basting stitches. Wrap the sleeve cap onto a tailor’s ham. Steam press the sleeve cap. This will shape the sleeve cap to fit your arm 😊 Sew in the sleeve and check the fit of the jacket. Here are the episodes of “It’s Sew Easy” TV
featuring sewing sleeves. Downloadable PDF: Angela Wolf Sew-A-Long_ Chic Cashmere Trench Coat Part 3 _ Stitching Sewcial.pdf
Can’t wait to see how your jackets are looking, be sure to share photos using #AngelaWolf and #BrotherSews Happy Sewing! Angela angelas-sig