I’m all about sewing anything I can for school this year. School zipper cases are super easy to sew and great to make for holding all sorts of things. I’ve been experimenting with different types of DIY zipper cases and I love this one with square corners. In the video tutorial below you will see the step by step instructions for sewing your own cubed zipper case. Finished Pencil Case 1 For this project I used cork fabric and it has the perfect amount of natural shape for this zipper case. My first attempt with the cork was a lined version, but there were just too many layers and it was too thick to sew the corners. So, here is my unlined cork version. If you want to use regular cotton for this DIY project I would suggest a stiff interfacing on the back and a liner to cover it up. The back of the cork is actually not bad to look at and the seams won’t fray so it works unlined. Final Pencil Case Sideways Cubed Zipper Case Supplies:
  • 1 sheet typing paper cut to a rectangle {mine is 7” high and 8” wide} Cut 1” squares from the four corners
  • Cork fabric sheet ¼ yard
  • 8” zipper {longer if you have a larger rectangle}
  • Zipper foot
  • Sewing Machine {I used the LB5000S