How To Embroider on Fleece

Intro Post

Supplies and Tools:

  • Brother embroidery machine
  • Sticky Stabilizer
  • Water-soluble stabilizer
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Fleece fabric
  • Embroidery Design


I’m so excited about the cozy sweater and fleece sewing weather. Blankets, sweatshirts, pajama pants, and more are so fun to sew with fleece. These projects are only made better with a little bit of added embroidery. Today I’m going to share a few tips to make your fleece embroidery project successful.

Gather your supplies and let's get started! The key to this project is the two kinds of stabilizer {in my opinion}. Fleece is a slightly stretchy fabric with a thick, furry top and bottom, so you need to prevent stretch as well as keep the thread from sinking too deep into the fleece.

To start, choose your embroidery design or design/text and load it on your embroidery machine. For this project, I’m adding a word to a couple of fleece pullovers for a friend. After deciding where you want the embroidery on the front of the project, flip the fleece over and place some sticky stabilizer on the back of the project to prevent any stretching.

From here, flip the fleece back right side up and slide the bottom of the hoop under the back.

Before placing the top of the hoop on the top of the fleece project, add a layer of water-soluble stabilizer.

Use the guidelines on the hoop to help hoop the fabric straight. Be very careful not to stretch the fleece. I use a combo sewing and embroidery machine, so after putting on the embroidery unit, I also had to change the foot before stitching out the design.

TIP- If you are embroidering on a fleece blanket and will see both sides of your project, use water soluble stabilizer on BOTH sides of the fabric. Also, use the same color embroidery thread on the top and bobbin, so it looks the same on both sides of the fleece.

Place the hoop in the embroidery machine, then use the arrows on the machine to place the embroidery where you want it on the project.

Start the embroidery and watch the first few stitches to make sure that the stitches are staying on top of the fleece.

Let the machine finish stitching out the project.

Remove the hoop from the machine, then remove the hoop from the fleece. If the hoop has left any marks/imprints on the fleece, it should go away after washing.

Trim the stabilizers on both sides of the fabric. The back side should be trimmed close and will stay to back the project. The front water-soluble stabilizer will wash away.

I didn’t want to wash this jacket in the washing machine, since it still had the tags on it, so I just ran some water over the front part of the jacket to remove the stabilizer. It melted right away.