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~Tabitha Sewer, Brother Crafts Blogger The temperature is dropping. Fall is here. Dark colors start appearing more and more during this season, and although they’re in fashion it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to fall into that (no pun intended). I like to blend fall colors and prints with the bright colors that I love. This time around I thought it’d be cool to blend neon pink with animal print. I mean….why not?! It's fun, it’s a happy color that puts you in a good mood, it’s modern, and it’s youthful. I’m here to show you guys that sewing is not just for your grandmother anymore!  



1. Iron the fusible web interfacing to the wrong side of the leather. 2. Place the leather onto the adhesive mat. You can use washi tape to be extra sure it doesn’t move during cutting. 3. Cut out the word of your choice using the Brother ScanNCut. Note: Always test before cutting the final word. a. Pressure: 9 b. Speed: 5 c. Half Cut: Off
Cut test spot
cut words
4. Once cut, center your word onto the front of your sweatshirt. 5. Press with the hot iron and pressing cloth. 6. Before you start sewing the applique onto your sweater, be sure that your bobbin and your thread is full. 7. Stitch around the perimeter of your applique pieces/ your letters using a tight zigzag stitch on your Brother sewing machine. Half of the stitches should be on the leather and the other half on the hoodie. Zig zag stitch all the way around. OR you can do a straight stitch all the way around the edge of your letters. It’s your preference with how you want it to look.
Sew applique
Pink sweatshirt