Quick Tip: Making Time for Personal Sewing

Finding time for personal sewing is tough. I will cut out a pattern one night and not get to sew till weeks later. Use painter's or artist's tape to label the pattern pieces. The adhesive won't leave a sticky residue. Place the labels on the 'wrong' side of the fabric so there is no confusion when you start sewing.

Looking for a FREE Garment Pattern to start this weekend?

Learning to sew can be life changing. Not only do you suddenly have the ultimate choice in colors, shapes and textures, but you can build the perfect set of classic wardrobe staples that make your friends and family look to you as the one to watch for style. Pop on over to these two posts from our Runway to Reality
series for some weekend sewing! featured-image-post-411 FINAL-Runway To Reality-4 Even if you only get through cutting out the pieces, you can mark them and work on it as you have time between spring and summer gatherings! What have you been sewing? Please be sure to tag us at #stitchingSewcial and @BrotherSews to show us what you've been able to get done during your personal sewing time! Happy Sewing!!