There are so many great summer activities to explore. From relaxing at the beach to taking the kids on vacation, there is so much going on – and it’s eays to lose your keys with all this running around. That’s why summer is one of my favorite seasons to sew key fobs out of fabric.These are handmade key fobs are great for keeping my keys on my wrist from one activity to another. Key fobs are a simple sewing project to make as gifts for friends, family, teachers, and more. Whether you’re spending the summer on a fun road trip.


  1. Cotton fabric top 2 x 12”
    Cotton fabric bottom 2 x 12”
    Fusible fleece 2 x 12”
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  3. Place front and back pieces with the right sides together and stitch a ¼” seam allowance.
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  5. Press seam flat .
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  7. Place fusible fleece down the center and press.
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  9. Press the fabric sides over the fleece.
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  11. Press in half and clip or pin the ends together.
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  13. Edge stitch along the clipped edge and repeat on the folded edge.
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  15. Optional embroidery to customize the key fob:
    -Hoop Pacesetter Medium Wt. TearAway stabilizer and spray with a temporary spray adhesive.
    -Lay your strip of fabric on the sticky hoop and make sure it’s straight (use your cutting mat).
    -Set the design to the correct placement using your touch screen and embroider.
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  17. Stitch the edges together 1/4” and cut away any additional fraying.
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  19. Follow the Key Fob hardware to clamp down over the fabric.
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