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Summer is finally here! Every summer, the kids and I hit the streets on our way to the beach, summer camps, parks, and all kinds of adventures. It’s our favorite time of year because it’s a time where our family can enjoy each other’s company. Luckily, my kids still enjoy being around me so I take advantage of that while I still can! So, what are you and your family doing this Summer? My kids will play basketball, do a little fishing, go on a summer picnic, and maybe even do a little camping. In the middle of this busy schedule we will also be heading to Orlando. Sounds like a lot, right?

With all of the activities that our family has going on this summer, we will be outdoors quite a bit. Sun protection is the most important thing to remember this summer, so we are always prepared with the proper tools. Besides sunscreen, I always pack great hats for my kids. I make sure to get ones that provide ample shade and block the sun’s rays from their eyes. If you’ve been around here long enough and you know me, I’m always going to keep you up on trends and not only make my family stylish, but you and yours too! So with that said. Let’s talk hats.

If you have young kids (under 10) most likely they won’t care about how they look. I don’t know about your kids, but once mine turned 10, they wanted to make sure they were cool. And they have the right mom for that, haha! For the past couple of years, bucket hats have been on trend. Teenagers and young adults have incorporated this accessory into their style and I must say, I love it! So, let’s make our own custom bucket hat. There are so many directions that you can take this but to stay on trend, less is more.

Bucket hats come in all colors, so find the one that you like and let’s get started. Today, I’ll teach you the easiest way to embroidery your hat with the Brother Stellaire Innovis XJ1. You can also, use the Brother SE625 for this project using a 5x7 embroidery hoop.


  • Brother Stellaire Innovis XJ1
  • Brother Stellaire Innovis XJ1 Embroidery Base.
  • 5x7 Embroidery Hoop.
  • Embroidery Sewing Foot
  • Embroidery Needles
  • Embroidery Thread
  • 2 Full Bobbins
  • Bucket Hat
  • Canvas Scrap fabric (minimum 5” x 5”)
  • Tear Away Stabilizer
  • Temporary Fabric Spray Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Fabric Marking Tool
  • Ruler/ Tape Measure
  • Applique Scissors
  • Fabric Clamps (optional- They should be large enough to fit around the embroidery hoop)
  • Masking tape optional


  1. Choose an embroidery design. Here are some tips when looking:
      • Make sure that the design file is no larger than 2” in height and 3” in width.
      • Try not to choose any design that requires more than 3 colors.
      • Visit for a lot of fun embroidery design ideas.
  2. Measure and cut a piece of tear away stabilizer making sure that it is at least 1 inch larger than the hoop on all sides.
  3. Take the stabilizer that you’ve previously cut and hoop it into your 5x7 embroidery hoop.
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  5. With your pencil, draw a vertical and horizontal line down the center and mark the center of the stabilizer.
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  7. With the spray adhesive, spray the stabilizer and allow it to dry until it gets tacky. This should only take a few seconds.
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  9. Take your hat, draw a vertical and horizontal line down the center of the design area and mark the center of the fabric.
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  11. Adhere it to the center of your stabilizer making sure that the center lines and center dot align perfectly. When doing this, you need to make sure that no fabric folds are in the way of the embroidery. Pull the all fabric out of the way and hold in place with masking tape and fabric clamps. Set aside.
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  13. With your Brother Stellaire Innovis XJ1 in the Off position, attach the embroidery base onto the machine.
  14. Import your embroidery file into your Brother Stellaire (I typically use a thumb drive). Set up your machine to see the files on the screen.
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  16. Slide the embroidery hoop in the machine, lower the foot and press the green button. The machine should automatically start sewing.
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  18. When the machine signifies you to change the thread color, do so without interrupting the hoop.
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  20. Once your embroidery is complete, your machine will let you know. Carefully pull the hoop out of your machine
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  22. Pull the hat off of the tear away stabilizer.
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  24. With the appliqué scissors, cut away any loose threads.
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  26. That’s it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to embroidering onto your final product (hat) I would highly recommend that you practice the embroidery onto a scrap canvas fabric first. This will ensure that you know the proper placement on your final product and if you want to make any changes before finalizing your design. Trust me on this one, this will save you a lot of time and money.

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