Technique: Couching your Custom Infinity Scarf

How to add Couching Embellishment to your Custom Infinity Scarf

The Infinity Scarf (also called the Eternity or Möbius Scarf) is not only a fabulous accent, but has become a staple in our wardrobe. With this short list of materials, it's simple to make one for yourself or a few as gifts. Sewing Machine: DreamWeaver™ XE VM6200D
Feature: Brother Couching attachment SA199V
(This attachment fits the V-Series machines
. The SA199
fits the Quattro® series
. SA200
is the Couching Foot designed for use on the MuVit™ Dual Feed Attachment
.) Supplies:
  • Fabric cut 18” by 36” (or longer if you prefer) for a single layer infinity scarf
  • Various yarns (see recommendations below)
  • Universal thread

Infinity Scarf

This scarf is simple to sew and it's so much fun to embellish the fabric yourself.  One way to make your scarf unique is to embellish with couching. In the video below I'll show you how to set up your couching foot, including threading your yarn through, and you'll be off and couching before you know it! couched-scarf-threading


I am going to combine using this attachment and free-motion sewing allowing me to direct my yarn into my own custom design. The possibilities are nearly endless! This foot offers three small holes for the yarn to feed through.  Keep that in mind when choosing yarns - the thick nubby yarns will not be a good choice!  Instead, look for thin yarns that will easily feed through the foot. couched-scarf-actively-couching

Choosing Fabric

The idea is to choose a fabric that is soft to the skin and lays nicely around the neck.  When selecting your fabric, unroll enough from the bolt to see how it hangs. Be sure the fabric isn't going to be too stiff when there is multiple layers draped around your neck. In the video, I have chosen a lightweight cotton fabric. Other great fabrics would include:  polyester, lightweight linen, gauze, silk charmeuse, silk noil, lightweight satin, and ponte knit to name a few.
Designer Tip: Wash and dry the fabric first to soften it and prevent shrinking.
Click on the video below and follow along embellishing fabric with couching and sew up a fashionable infinity scarf! [youtube id="v6NV-yqmCZ8"] Cheers,