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This Valentine themed “mug rug” is a fun beginner quilting project and ideal for using up fabric scraps. My son helped me make this one and came up with the idea for the tic-tac-toe pocket. We can enjoy some cocoa and treats together while playing tic-tac-toe. Wrap this up with ribbon and place in a new mug as a Valentine gift. Get the details below on how to sew this Valentine Mug Rug.



  • Brother SE1900 Sewing Machine
  • 4 different fabrics (you can use scraps or fat quarters as well)
  • fusible fleece or quilt batting
  • grid ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • double fold bias tape
  • Cutting:
  • 1 piece that measures 6 x 7”(length)
  • 3 different fabrics that measure 2.5 x 7”
  • Pocket that measures 4.5 x 8”
  • Back fabric that measures: 12 x 7”
  • Fusible fleece or quilt batting that measures 12 x 7”
  • Double bias tape: 42”

step 1

Lay out your materials the way you want them sewn together. Begin with the outer two and stitch right sides together (1/4” seam allowance).

step 2

Continue until the front piece is sewn and press flat.

step 3 


Fold your pocket fabric in half so right sides are facing and stitch leaving a 1.5” opening on one of the sides.

Clip corners and flip right side out through opening. Press to create a nice flat square.

Use a fabric marking tool and grid ruler to draw out tic-tac-toe lines. I made them 1” apart each way.

Top stitch with a heavy duty thread like Button and Craft thread (do not use for bobbin thread) to create detailed lines.

step 4 

Pin in the center of the larger piece and topstitch the sides and bottom to create a pocket.

step 5 

Place front and back pieces with batting in between. I used Fusible Fleece. If you use batting use a spray adhesive to keep the layers from shifting.

step 6 

Pin the layers together in the center and sides and top stitch along the seams to connect the layers together. You can use a contrasting color of thread for the topstitching. Stitch along the seams of the different fabrics and the edges to keep the fabric in place.

step 7 

Finish the edges by stitching double fold bias tape around.