Video: Add a Custom Monogram to a Canvas Tote

Adding an embroidered monogram is not only simple to do, it is a great way to customize just about anything! I don’t know about you, but I love DIY projects and the more custom I can make them, the better. For those or you with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a perfect added sale for an embroidery business. I am going to be sewing a canvas tote bag from scratch, but the techniques would be the same with any bag. Machine: Entrepreneur Pro PR 1000E
Features:Snowman Embroidery positioning marker
Changing colors
• Hooping medium weight canvas fabric

Choose a Monogram Design

Start by choosing an embroidery monogram design. I have chosen the design where the letters are different size, with the first letter of my last name being the largest and in the middle. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (2)marked There are three tabs within this monogram. The first tab's letter of your first name. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (4).cropped Marked The next tab, the center tab, coordinates with the first letter of the last name, in my case a “W”. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (5and7)cropped And finally the third and right hand tab, coordinates with the first letter your middle name. Simply click the tab, and then your letter. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (9)cropped Marked The monogram will show up on the LCD screen. If you would like to add a border, click on “ADD” and then choose a design. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (11)cropped Marked There are so many options when designing a monogram, including changing colors. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (14)cropped

Design Placement

Decide where you want the monogram to go on the bag or fabric. Place a snowman embroidery positioning marker on the fabric to mark the center of the design. This is an easy way to make certain your design will line up perfectly, even if the hooping is a little off. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (16)Cropped Use a medium weight tear-away embroidery stabilizer and hoop the canvas fabric. Don’t worry about hoop markings left on the canvas fabric, a quick pressing will remove all of them! MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (17)cropped MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (18) Click on the Snowman embroidery positioning marker feature and the embroidery machine will adjust your design exactly the way you wanted to show up on your fabric. MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (20and21) Check out the video below to follow along designing and embroidering your own monogram! MONOGRAM ON CANVAS (23)cropped
EDITOR'S NOTE: Have no fear, Angela will be back soon with instructions for sewing the tote bag and we'll be sure to add the link to this post for an easy click through when she does!
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