Video Sew A Long: Canvas Tote Bag: Part 3: Straps

Video Sew-A-Long: Canvas Tote Bag: Part 3: Sewing Straps & Vinyl Base


Angela uses the ST371HD Strong & Tough Sewing Machine
to construct her bag. Feet used in this Sew-A-Long: Plastic Non-stick foot, basic Zig Zag foot for straight stitching. I hope you are enjoying the Canvas Tote Bag Video Sew-A-Long! In Part 3 we're going to sew the straps and add the vinyl base to the bag. Cover1313_canvas_tote_SewALong


Place the strap on one side of the bag with the outside pocket. The bottom of the strap will be covered by the vinyl base, start by lining up the strap about 1” into the vinyl base area and then centered over the raw pocket edges. (This is about 4” from the side of the bag). Pin the strap in place. CANVAS TOTE 100 (14) CANVAS TOTE 100 (1) CANVAS TOTE 100 (2) Pin the strap to the other side of the bag. Again, raw edges of the strap about 1” below the vinyl base and 4” from the side edge. CANVAS TOTE 100 (3) Stitch down each side of the strap, starting down 2 ½” from the top of the bag. CANVAS TOTE 100 (5) CANVAS TOTE 100 (7)


Position the vinyl along the center bottom of the canvas. Line up the snips that you marked in the last lesson. Clip the vinyl to the canvas along the side seams. CANVAS TOTE 100 (8) Set up the sewing machine:
  • Straight stitch 4.0
  • Plastic Non-stick foot
Stitch along the vinyl about 1/8” from the edge. It’s better to have the entire foot on the vinyl, so move your needle to the far right position. CANVAS TOTE 100 (9) Stitch all the way around the vinyl, attaching it to the canvas. CANVAS TOTE 100 (10) CANVAS TOTE 100 (13) Canvas Tote Bag IMG_9801 Cheers, Angela

Watch this week's Sew-A-Long Video for the full tutorial:

What's the schedule?

July 7: Part 1: Supplies and Materials
July 14: Part 2: Constructing the Outside Pocket
July 21: Part 3: Straps & Faux Leather Base July 28: Part 4: Sewing the Bag August 4: Part 5: The Lining August 11: Part 6: The Final Trim In Part 4 of the Canvas Tote Bag Video Sew-A-Long we will sew together the outside of the bag. Leave comments below and let me know how your bag is coming along and don’t forget to share your photo’s on social media with #AngelaWolf #BrotherSews – I always enjoy seeing your progress! Cheers, Angela angelas-sig