Video Sew A Long: Manicure Bag Part 5 Finishing up

Part 5: Finishing up the Manicure Bag

Welcome to part 5 of the Manicure Bag Sew-A-Long! We're almost finished! part-5-manicure-bag In this final chapter, I'll demonstrate how to insert an exposed zipper. Depending on the width of your zipper, you might be able to use a standard J-foot
. Otherwise, a zipper foot will be needed. The last step in sewing the Manicure Bag is sewing the inside of the bag to the outside of the bag. As you'll see, there will be a hole left while stitching  these layers together. This is where you'll turn the bag right side out. Depending on the thickness and/or stiffness of the fabric, you may need a larger opening to turn the bag through. Have no fear, I've got all the details in this final video of the Manicure bag Sew-A-Long. part-5-manicure-bag_finishing Please Click here to Download the full PDF of Manicure Bag Instructions from the Sew-A-Long.

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