Video: Threading the Brother CV3550

I was so excited to see this new Brother CV3550 Double-Sided Cover Stitch Machine
and I can think of so many applications for these decorative stitches including sportswear, decorative stitching, chainstitch, hemming knit, and so much more! I am going to start our tutorials with the top cover stitch machine by showing you an in-depth look at threading the machine, including the top cover thread. At first it might look intimidating, but threading is quite simple. Start by taking you machine out of the box. Remove the packaging tape and plug in the machine. Coverstitch CV3550 If your machine already has the top cover stitch threaders attached it will look like the photo below. If not, the video will show you how to remove and reattach these parts. Coverstitch CV3550 You will need 5 spools of serger thread to thread the entire machine (I am going to use different colors so you can see a little better). When threading the CV3550, start with the looper which is the spool on the far-right side. You will then move onto threading the needles. For this demonstration I am using all three needles. Coverstitch CV3550

Important Notes:

  • Before threading the top coverstitch thread, stitch a few stitches with just the coverstitch set up.
  • Make sure the needle threads are behind the metal bar or they can get caught when using the top threader.
Coverstitch CV3550 After you have a few stitches on the fabric, thread the top coverstitch. The video shows a close up of this process. Coverstitch CV3550 Coverstitch CV3550 When stitching with the top coverstitch you will have nice finish on both sides of the fabric. Here is the front: Coverstitch CV3550 Here is the back: Coverstitch CV3550 The video below shows the entire threading tutorial. Leave a comment below and let me know what you plan on using this machine for. The next videos will walk you through trouble shooting the stitches and some creative project ideas :😊 See more in the video below! [youtube id="e78OTOL4of0"] Be sure to share photos using #angelawolf and #brothersews, we always love to see what you are working on! Cheers, Angela angelas-sig