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With 10-needle speed, a patent-pending magnetic sash frame, and over 1,100 designs, see what people who took it for a spin, have to say about the innovative Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X.

"My PR 1055X is one of the most versatile embroidery machines that I have."

My PR 1055X is one of the most versatile embroidery machines that I have.  I love all the time saving features in it that make me look like a super star with my embroidery projects.  Where to start… The QUALITY of the embroidery is Top notch!  I get professional looking results every time.  The tubular arm makes embroidering ready to wear and bags a breeze.  I don’t have to take things apart or stand on my head trying to get the embroidery in the correct place.  With the PR they slip right over the arm.  

One of the things that I use the most is the Live camera view to view exactly where my design is situated on the project.  It is an amazing feature that I take advantage of anytime placement is critical.  When I use the Live Camera combined with the Scan Feature project placement is super easy and precise!  

Being able to setup the machine to embroider with all the colors at one time and then walk away is also one of my favorite things.  I tend to have a set it and forget it routine.  The magic wand to change colors instead of rethreading is a huge time save as well.  My PR is definitely my go to embroidery machine.

Cindy Hogan
Brother Brand Ambassador


"With the new Magnetic Sash Frame, it makes hooping so easy..."

My favorite feature of the PR1055X is the built in two-color quilt sashing and the 26 decorative fills. I can quilt my whole quilt on this machine and no longer need to send out to a long arm quilter. With the new Magnetic Sash Frame, it makes hooping so easy and all you have to do when connecting designs is slide the fabric on the frame.

Another feature that I like is the new Flat Brim Cap Frame. It makes hooping hats so much easier and you can get your embroidery closer to the brim.

Sherri Habansky
Brother Educator

"I am so excited about all the new features that have been added to the PR1055!"

I am so excited about all the new features that have been added to the PR1055! I love to create my own custom quilting patterns. Ones that no one else has. I could do some with the 1050 but now I can do SO much more. The sky’s the limit to my ability to create and I love doing it on my 10-needle because it is my go-to machine. It is the easiest to use and I do not have to babysit it (feed it the next thread). I just run it while I am off doing something else because I can use the My Stitch Monitor App! Now I can do quilt block sashing as well and I can do it all in the new magnetic sash frame. Like I said, I am SO excited!! 

Barb Mikolajczyk
Brother Educator


"Using the Brother PR1055 gives me beautiful and perfectly placed embroidery."

Using the Brother PR1055 gives me beautiful and perfectly placed embroidery. Making sure my embroidery is positioned correctly has never been easy, but with the PR1055 InnovEye Plus Technology it is easy and perfect every time.

If I have a project that seems difficult to complete, I have confidence that Brother has an accessory to help me complete my project with little effort.

With the free arm, totes, shirts and caps can be done with ease. But the best thing about the Brother PR1055 is that the embroidery turns out beautiful every time.

Cathy Gandy
Brother Educator


"PR 1055X How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways!"

The one thing that continues to impress me about Brother is in the details. All of the “little” add-ons add up to a big boost for my productivity when using the PR 1055X machine. They really do their homework when they add new features to other machines, they then add them to the PR – I love that! To say that these improvements increase my productivity doesn’t seem to do them justice.

In the Edit mode, the Undo/Redo function and re-editing with lettering gets me to actually stitching so much faster. The additional thread brand libraries, the instant echo/stippling function AND the “Favorites” added to Color Shuffle just makes set up time so much quicker. When you get to the actual thread – the addition of the Same Color Key as well as the No Sew Key are so very user friendly AND helpful.

To be able to use my WiFi connection to send designs to the machine is so helpful. My favorite though, hands down, has got to be the My Stitch Monitor App – to be able to see where the stitching is at from my phone just makes my stitching life so much more productive.

Jude Szczepanski
Brother Educator


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