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Brother offers a range of sewing, embroidery and quilting machines that are designed to take your quilts to the next level. Part of our beloved Quilt Club Series, the NQ1300PRW,
and NQ700PRW
models are designed with the quilter in mind and are amongst the favorites with the quilting community. Enthusiasts can enjoy features such as the walking foot which controls multiple layers of fabric with ease, ¼” quilting foot with guide & free-motion quilting foot. Q Series Lineup NQ700PRW The machines also come with a longer “J”-foot combined with longer feed dogs, which allow for better grasp of your fabric. The NQ1300PRW also has the Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA®) feature which automatically senses your fabric for smooth even stitches. Everything you need to start is in the box! Q Series Lineup NQ1300PRW The Q-Series lineup
also includes a sewing and embroidery combination machine and an embroidery-only machine. All five machines are ultra-portable as they make for a perfect classroom companion. They are light, easy to pack and include so many advanced features.

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