BES 4 Video Tutorial: Bring on the Bling! Creating Rhinestone Templates

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Brother Sews Ambassador Cindy Hogan presents the latest BES 4 Video TutoriaL: Bring on the Bling! Creating Rhinestone Templates Power Pack 2
adds the ability to create Rhinestone design templates to cut with the ScanNCut machines.
One of the things I love about creating the Rhinestone templates in BES 4
is that I can create areas that can be combined with my embroidery designs to let them shine. It is so nice not to have to place the stones onto the embroidery one at a time! In addition to combining the Rhinestones with embroidery, you can create your own bling designs from Artwork. This is a quick, gift idea for those in your life that love their bling. My mom loved to sparkle and shine, she would have had a blast with these Rhinestones. If you have never played with Rhinestones, let me give you a little overview…
  • First you create a template (that is where Power Pack 2 comes in). You then send that template to the ScanNCut machine to cut out of Rhinestone Template flock. If you have the new ScanNCut DX machine, after you choose Cut, choose the Half Cut setting to cut through the Rhinestone template flock. If you have one of the machines that doesn’t have the half-cut setting, you will set your blade depth to where it cuts through the material and not through the backing. After you cut the holes into the template material, rip the flock off the backing. It is like ripping off a band aid, do it quickly! If there are any holes that remain, take a piece of tape and tap it on the back of the dot to remove the dot. After you have the template made, you place it on the board that comes with the Rhinestone kit (the side that feels like there is wax on it) or you can place it on another piece of the Rhinestone material (sticky side down). Hint: It is a good idea to put the Rhinestone template inside a box or something, so you don’t get Rhinestones everywhere. The box lid from the Rhinestone kit works perfectly for this purpose if you purchased that kit. You don’t have to have the kit to create Rhinestone templates in BES4 with PP2. Pour the correct stone size on top of the template and use the Rhinestone brush to smooth the Rhinestones into the holes. Tip: The more stones you pour, the better the chance they will land in the holes face up.
  • Below I have listed the product numbers for the Rhinestone starter kit, Rhinestone Flock material and Rhinestone transfer tape. If you purchased the Rhinestone starter kit, it came with some Rhinestone Flock and transfer tape, some stones, a pick-up tool, the brush, and a Rhinestone design collection is unlocked on your CanvasWorkspace.
    - Rhinestone Starter Kit
    - Rhinestone Sheet Set
    - Rhinestone Transfer Sheets
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