One of my goals for sewing this year was to take on more practical projects and this one fits right in there. And with the new uber-rad Marvel iBroidery designs,
it makes it even easier to do practical with some flare. Enter the Captain America Cord Wrap, which is not only a quick project, but a way to add some va va voom to the often style-free task of wrapping up your cords.

Machine Used

Materials and Supplies

Steps to Complete Your Captain America Cord Wrap

  1. Layer medium-weight tear away stabilizer and your denim into your embroidery hoop and embroider your star in the center of the hoop.
  2. After you have embroidered the design onto the denim, cut two 4.5” x 6” vertical rectangles with one having the Captain America Star in the center. Next you’ll need to cut off a triangle from the corners of the rectangle. I guesstimated and then used the first triangle to lay on top of the other corners to use as a template. For those that prefer a precise measurement, mark the fabric ½” on the top and 1.5” on the side and draw a line to cut.
  1. Here’s a picture with all the corners sliced off the two rectangles.
  1. With right sides together, sew along the edge with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving an opening at one of the sides. Reinforce the corners using a zigzag stitch (0.2mm stitch length & 2mm width) and cut off the excess.
[caption id="attachment_6669" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Reinforce the corners using a zigzag stitch (0.2mm stitch length & 2mm width) and cut off the excess.[/caption]
  1. Turn the cord wrap right-side out. Fold the open section under ¼” and press closed with a steam iron. Edge stitch the perimeter of the cord wrap.
  1. With either glue or a pin, place one strip of the hook & loop faster onto the front bottom of the cord wrap and sew in place. I generally stitch around the edge and then an X in the middle when applying hook & loop. Then follow the same instructions with the other strip of the hook and loop to the top back of the wrap.
  1. And tadaaaa! Now you have your Captain America Cord Wrap to be used for your wrapping pleasure.
Since cords come in various thicknesses and lengths, use this idea as a template for making different sizes and using different iBroidery designs.
Let no cord be wrapped without some flare!
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