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I love using colorful ric rac ribbon to decorate projects! Check out this snazzy wallet I created! I hope you have fun making your own ric rac wallet too!



1. Cut 2 pieces of clear vinyl at 4 in x 6 in. 2. Fold each piece in half the short way aka hamburger style. 3. Stitch the folded side in place. 4. Cut multiple pieces of ric rac at 4-inch length 5. Using one piece of vinyl that you previously stitched, open it and slide your strips of ric rac inside. Create a design and color combo that matches your style. Have fun with it! 6. Now that all ric rac strips are in place, align the front and back of your vinyl wallet and clip together using your clover clips. Be careful not to disturb your design. The clips help to hold your wallet together in preparation of being sewn. 7. Now, stitch your wallet together down both sides as well as the bottom. 8. Trim away any excess fabric as close to the stitch as possible without cutting into stitch. 9. You’re finished! [youtube id="zLnmGFFT0Ck"]
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