Decorative Candy Bowl Cover for Halloween

Be ready for the scary monsters and spooky goblins with this fun and easy decorative candy bowl cover!

Machine Used:


  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric cut the dimensions of your bowl (see below)
  • 2 packages of 1 inch double fold bias tape
  • 2 packages of grommets
  • measuring tape
  • pins
  • fabric marking pencil or tailors chalk
  • bowl
  • narrow satin ribbon
Halloween Candy Bowl This is such a fun easy project to dress up a bowl, I could definitely see using different fabrics for each season! To get started, choose a bowl that you want to cover. The bowl can be glass, metal, plastic, you name it! And it can be any size.
Note: I am using a blue bowl so you can see it - try to choose a color that will coordinate with your fabric or theme.
  1. Let’s get started by measuring the bowl so we can cut our fabric. Turn the bowl over and measure from one side to the other as shown.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Cut a circle out of each fabric the same size as the measurement were recorded on the bowl.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Starting with one of the circle pieces of fabric, wrap the bias tape around the edge of the fabric and pin all the way around the circle.
Halloween Candy Bowl Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Stitch along the edge of the bias tape, securing it to the edge of the fabric.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. When you get to the end of the circle, overlap the bias tape about 1 inch from the starting point. Trim the bias tape and stitch in place.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. With the fabric marking tool, mark 4 spots across from each other along the circle as shown.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Measure from one mark to the other around the curve, and draw two more lines equal distances apart. Depending on the size of your circle, your next measurements might be different than mine.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Transfer these markings to the right side of the second circle.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Now go back to each of the markings and draw a circle for the grommet. The circle will be evenly placed in the middle of the bias tape. (Refer to the directions on your grommets to determine what size circle you need to draw)
Halloween Candy Bowl Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Cut a hole into the bias binding at each marking.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. Insert the grommet into each hole and secure in place.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. With right sides facing out, layer the fabrics with one on the outside of the bowl and one on the inside of the bowl. Start winding the satin ribbon in and out of each grommet.
Halloween Candy Bowl
  1. When you get all the way around the bowl tie the satin ribbon into a bow.
Halloween Candy Bowl That’s it! This is such a quick way to decorate a bowl for a table and you can see this would work for any season, holiday, or party. In this case, I’m getting ready for Halloween so I’m going to fill it with candy and hopefullly nobody eats it all before the trick-or-treaters get here 😊 Halloween Candy Bowl Cheers, Angela angelas-sig