Directional Sewing Without Turning your Fabric

Did you know that on some of the Brother machines you can sew in many directions without turning the fabric? Today I want to show you how easy it is to use directional sewing for attaching straps. This would be ideal for strengthening the straps on the Canvas Tote Bag Sewalong.

Machine Used:


  • Multi-Directional Sewing
You will find all the stitches by clicking the Multi-Directional Sewing icon on the stitch selection screen. Here you will see all stitches available: sewing left, right, forward, backward, and diagonally. Notice these stitches can be with a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch – I see a lot of possibilities! There is a video below to show how I attach my straps and here is a quick rundown. I am using a piece of canvas fabric and grosgrain ribbon for this demo, so ignore the frayed raw edges 😊 Start by sewing a straight stitch to attach the strap to the fabric. Flip up the strap along the stitched edge. The next stitch will be about 1/8” from the folded edge. Press the forward stitch icon on the screen and stitch. There is no need to cut the thread or raise the needle when moving onto the second stitch. Simply click the next stitch direction and sew. This is the list of stitches, in order, to create the box:
  1. 5-07 Forward
  2. 5-01 Diagonal back to the left
  3. 5-05 Right
  4. 5-06 Diagonal front to the left
  5. 5-02 Backward
  6. 5-07 Forward
  7. 5-05 Right
  8. Lock stitch
[youtube id="-JXBt5lGpLY"] I hope you find this tutorial useful for many projects! Be sure to share your photos #brothersews #angelawolf, you know I always love to see what you are working on! Cheers, Angela angelas-sig